2018 will see the global games market reach $113bn…

The games industry doesn’t appear to recognise the recession we’re still clawing our way out of, given its exponential growth continually on the rise.

Though the US and China currently compete to own the biggest market, the gap between them will eventually widen. Experts predict China’s sales in 2015 will top $22.2 billion, with America’s not far behind at $22bn. However, they claim that, by 2018, China will reach $32.8bn, whilst the US’ sales will level out at around $24.1bn at the same point.

Essentially, China’s game market is still gaining traction; it’s exploding at quite a rate, with its mobile section far from exhausted and with huge capacity for development. Screens of all sizes are becoming equally important in consumers’ lives, though it’s predicated that China will influence which type of screens succeed. One of the smaller markets in China is that of the console. They could effectively push down the market percentage of ‘entertainment screens’; predictions that gaming consoles will represent just 24% globally shows China’s power, given that the US’ retrospective share will remain around 45%.

The passion to modify favourite games is also becoming increasingly significant. Newzoo chief executive Peter Warman said: “With digital marking the majority of sales, players are increasingly demanding to create content for and modify their favourite games. In the coming years, successful game companies will be those that understand this broader disruptive consumer-driven trend and are able to distil and incorporate this into their games, services and business models.”

And is the world switching to digital? Half of them, at least: 49 percent of the $9.9 billion U.S. console gaming market will come from digital sales this year, which includes almost everything but boxed games, i.e. mobile, social/casual, digital downloads, in-game spending, and console subscriptions. Digital is set to represent three-quarters of the overall market revenue. Says Warman, “83% of the $4.2 billion PC and multiplayer sales in this country will occur online.” He also predicts that e-sports will “push the games industry over the $200bn mark within the next five years”.

Though Warman states in the same interview that “virtual reality is not expected to make much of a dent in the market”, it’s clear that growth is on the cards for many countries and market segments for years to come.

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