Exciting advances in game technology - what's on the horizon?

The future is bright….

Technology isn’t just running away with us, it’s more like galloping. Technology, in any industry, is advancing, but none more so than in the gaming industry, which, according to statistics, grew four times faster between 2009 and 2012 in the US than the country’s own economy.

And the rate of growth is not letting up – experts predict the sector’s revenue could top $90 billion by the end of this year.

So what’s contributing to gaming’s brilliant success? Which disciplines are exciting gamers, developers, and investors the most? 

Gaming tech you can wear

Connected wristbands, Tesla suits, and an array of intuitive headsets are just some of the examples gamers are sporting. Designed so the user can interact with and immerse themselves into their games, wearable technology is a market that’s set to explode.

Virtual reality becoming a true reality

The clamour for virtual reality kit is growing and growing. Investors in particular are racing to be a part of the VR scene; Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR is one example of the belief that this technology has left behind its crude beginnings. Given that, ten years ago, few could have predicted how we use our mobile phones today….who knows how far VR can go?

We’ve all heard of VR, but what about AR?

AR involves intelligent gaming design and ‘layering’ that allows common objects to interact with storylines for immersive play. It’s a separate field of virtual reality worthy of its own success, blurring the lines between what’s real and what isn’t, and enhancing what we see, feel, touch and smell.

Vivid screens and mega-mega-pixels

High definition graphics aren’t a new concept, but they are improving all the time. 4,000 pixels on your gaming screen, via advanced internal graphics cards, GPUs, and data compressions algorithms, for example, can be commonly found on the high street, though we doubt technology will stay there – even 4k resolution will eventually be superseded.

A gesture towards surreal gaming experiences

Gesture control: trackable body motion by sophisticated sensors, 3D cameras and AI – something that’s exciting gamers everywhere, and a discipline that promises a surreal, interactive experience. Shipments of gesture-sensing control interfaces, on various devices - even smart TVs - are set to reach 1.8 billion units in 2015, according to HIS. Says Calvin Hsieh, “Mainstream consumers have been aware of gesture sensing control, since the debut of the Nintendo Wii in 2006. It’s especially suitable for future immersive augmented reality and virtual reality computing.”

The free-to-play model and gamification

It may be free to play, but the enjoyment and enthusiasm sees gamers subsequently spend their hard-earned on in-app purchases. This means the free entry basis, conversely, contributes significant revenue to the gaming sector.

Mobiles are changing how we play

Consoles and PCs are now forced to share the gaming market with the mobile, which already enjoys the largest reach, and which will soon overtake the others in value. Our mobiles have become the centre of our universes, and consequently, the development of mobile gaming is simply booming.

Technology never sleeps; concerning the ‘next big thing’ in gaming, it could be something we haven’t even imagined is possible….yet.

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