Gaming predictions of 2017

Gaming predictions of 2017

The gaming industry: its appeal, the revenue it brings, and the range of things it offers go from strength to strength as each year passes.

So, we know it’s successful, and a far cry from being something only ‘geeks’ enjoy, but what’s new? What developments are on the cards? What will be different this year from 2016?

We’ve brought you a handful of New Year predictions from gaming experts.

Developers in demand north of the border

Home to nearly 10% of the U.K.’s games companies, the Scottish tech industry has recently seen huge growth. Typically, following a growth spurt, businesses embark on a mass recruitment drive, which is exactly what has happened: Trade association TIGA has reported that the number of developers employed during the fifteen months to March 2016 grew by a quarter – and represented double the national average.

Despite this upturn, experts believe further growth in the Scottish gaming industry could be achieved - according to TIGA executive, Dr Richard Wilson, companies could take advantage of tax relief schemes and other business initiatives during 2017 to expand even more.

VR may move from consumer markets towards commercial avenues

Though 2016 was a good year for VR, some studios have already come to the conclusion that the profit associated with this tech isn’t necessarily hiding in the consumer market. With many companies investing a huge amount of money, talent and working hours into VR, it’s not a case of giving up on it, but steering focus towards other uses for VR hardware and its applications. Already proving useful in medical scenarios, and being employed in such as the property market and engineering, VR could have more profit potential within industry.

That said, other experts believe VR will remain - and positively bloom - in the consumer market. Seeing 2016 as the birth of VR, they predict the tech will see its fair share of teething troubles in 2017, before settling down and firmly establishing its appeal with consumers.

Mobile gaming will likely see a huge hit

Though mobile has grown exponentially, this rate of growth has slowed in the last couple of years. Games topping the charts were big hits a couple of years ago, and which haven’t shifted position from the top spots since release.

Experts predict a completely new game/concept will shake everything up in 2017, and this could come from Nintendo, given its recent collaboration with Universal Studios. New business models for mobile gaming are also forecasted. With some experts warning that mobile is on the brink of ‘consumer burnout’, i.e. that consumers’ familiarity with the games available may cause sales to crash, it’s clear something needs to move the market from its current plateau.

Despite some in the industry painting mobile gaming as a pressure cooker ready to blow, other experts believe the market will not only stabilise but push through to even bigger sales, topping an estimated $40 billion worldwide by the end of the year.

Consumer spending on the sector will exceed $100 billion worldwide

Yearly growth in revenue has continually reached around 6%, and there’s no sign that consumers are getting fed up. On the contrary, spend on gaming exceeds cinema box office sales, DVD sales and music sales combined. China is predicted to remain the biggest market, and 2017 is expected to see the gap widen between them and the next largest games market – the U.S.


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