Outsourced Talent Acquisition

Need to scale up fast for a project? Business growing faster than your headcount?

Extend your HR department with a full time professional games recruiter!

If you are considering hiring an internal recruiter, why not outsource the job to us? We will assign a professional games recruiter to your business for an agreed period, typically full time.

How does it work?

  • We develop in depth knowledge of your business and act as ambassadors for your studio
  • We handle all vacancy advertising, response handling, speculative applications and manage your careers inbox
  • We provide an ongoing cross-platform web banner advertising campaign promoting your studio
  • Your dedicated account manager constantly works the market to secure the best available talent for your studio
  • You have constant access to your account manager by phone, email, instant messaging even outside normal working hours
  • We hold regular review meetings to discuss progress, priorities etc.

Key Benefits

  • No employment contracts
  • Start and stop the service as your business requires it
  • No need to build and manage your own internal recruitment database
  • Free up a desk - we work from our office
  • Instantlty tap into our full talent network

What does it cost?

  • We charge an affordable monthly retainer fee (based on the level of service you require)
  • The placement fee per candidate is discounted based on the volume of jobs
  • Retainer kickback – we pay you back the retainer every month that we place a candidate

Do you have case studies? 

Yes! Most recently, we placed 20 individuals in a well-known and highly successful UK studio, helping them achieve their growth plans. This was achieved by one of our Recruiters working full time on the project under this type of arrangement. To find out more, contact us.

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