Peter Meston

Firstly, feel free to leave feedback on my Yorkshire puddings picture, I've been in two minds about it but feel the sheer quality of those homemade roast dinner accompaniments speak for themselves.

So I'm Pete (the one who doesn't have hair straighteners at work). I have an established and successful background in recruitment having come from Reed, a global recruitment specialist. It was in the summer of 2012 that I decided to make the move to Gravity and here I remain, with as much enthusiasm and hunger as day one. I specialise in placing artists, animators and designers in some of Europe's leading studios.

When I'm not cooking up a storm in those pink oven gloves I'm looking after the new addition to our family, our daughter Grace who is entertaining to the core. Luckily I also get the chance to enjoy some of the stuff I used to before she arrived including sporadic gaming and watching my football team Manchester City (and before you ask, I was there when they weren't very good!).


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