Terms & Conditions for Gravity Recruitment Ltd’s Candidate Referral Scheme
Gravity Recruitment Ltd operates a referral reward scheme whereby an individual who refers a candidate to Gravity Recruitment Ltd may qualify for a £1,000 cash reward in the event that the candidate is successfully placed by Gravity Recruitment Ltd. The following terms apply to the scheme.
“Candidate” – a person who may be deemed suitable for one of Gravity Recruitment Ltd’s vacancies. 
"Referred Candidate" - a Candidate who is referred to Gravity Recruitment Ltd by an individual. 
"Successful Placement" – when a Referred Candidate has been placed by Gravity Recruitment Ltd and has successfully completed 3 months continuous employment in that role.
1. The individual referring a Candidate must notify the Candidate that the referral has been made.
2. If the Referred Candidate is already registered with Gravity Recruitment Ltd, the Candidate Referral Scheme does not apply.
3. If a Successful Placement is made in accordance with these terms, Gravity Recruitment Ltd will issue a cheque for £1,000 to the individual responsible for the referral. The cheque will be sent by first class post within 7 days of the completion of 3 months continuous employment.
4. Notification of any referral must be made to Gravity Recruitment Ltd before the Candidate registers with or approaches Gravity Recruitment Ltd directly.
5. Only Candidate referrals made on or after Monday 16th March 2015 will be eligible for this scheme.
6. To qualify for a reward, the Referred Candidate must be referred and placed within a six month period from the date of the initial referral.
7. An award will only be offered for the first Successful Placement made by Gravity Recruitment Ltd of the Referred Candidate. Any future placements of the Referred Candidate are excluded from this scheme.
8. Gravity Recruitment Ltd reserves the right to amend or terminate the Candidate Referral Scheme at any time but will honour any referrals submitted before that date under these terms. 

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