Standard Contingency

Tip: Don’t fall into the trap of starting a bun fight unless you have to. And if you do, set some rules.

So, you contact a bunch of different recruiters and give them all the same job(s) to work on...we call this the 'bun fight' approach. It’s not the way we prefer to work (see 3 Popular Myths) but we appreciate that some studios, with high volume requirements, may need several suppliers. With our standard contingency service you don't pay a fee unless you hire our candidate and there are no preferential terms agreed between us.

IMPORTANT: If you’re only looking to hire 1-5 staff, go to our Exclusive Contingency page to learn how you can save money and get better results!

Our two penneth worth 

When working with multiple recruiters, we offer the following guidelines on how to get the best results from the process:

1. Select 2 to 3 first tier suppliers and work closely with those suppliers to draw up your initial shortlists for each position. Allow 1-2 weeks for this initial search depending on the role (we can advise appropriate timescales based on complexity).

2. Only instruct more than 3 agents if the intitial search doesn't produce sufficient results (here's why).

3. Insist on minimum standards of performance that all recruiters must adhere to in order for their CV submissions to be considered (must have interviewed the candidate and gained approval prior to submission, must have provided the candidate with written documentation about the role etc.)

4. Agree the feedback process and timescales so all parties, including candidates know what to expect. E.g. how soon after CV submission will you provide feedback, how and when do you prefer to be contacted by your agent etc. 

5. Prepare standard documentation for all recruiters covering essential information such as the job description, salary and benefits, company information, project information and submission guidelines. 

Your relationship with your chosen recruiters will have a significant bearing on the outcome of your recruitment campaign. For more advice on how to manage your recruitment process including selecting appropriate partners, please contact us.

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