We probably have the smallest candidate database in the video games industry. And that’s something we’re proud of.

To make the hottest games, you need the hottest talent…and it’s certainly not festering in an agency’s jobseeker database! It’s happily employed…usually by your competitors (unless you are working with Gravity of course).

The top games industry talent amounts to around 5-10% of the total candidate market. These passive candidates rarely register with agencies or search job boards. They don’t add their CVs to databases and wait for something to come up. You have to reach out to them with a compelling opportunity and the right approach. And that’s what we do every day, on every assignment. We work in the hidden candidate market. 

So how do we get to the top 5-10%?

Well, we’re lucky enough to have a few extra strings to our bow!

As well as good old-fashioned networking we are experts in digital recruitment and have huge global reach via our social media channels and our sister company, GamesJobsDirect which has generated over 15,000 registered users in the last 2 years. We're also building the industry's first real-time global salary survey. Why? Because we understand that to forge links with the best talent in the industry, we have to offer something back. It’s not enough to send Linkedin invitations. We have to innovate to serve the industry and those employed in it better.

Our living, breathing communities are growing every day with over 25,000 members and counting. In amongst our audience are some of the top names in the industry. They’re not necessarily looking for jobs but by reaching out to them with the right opportunities in a non-intrusive and targeted way, we’ve learnt that we can build trust, establish relationships and instigate career changes.

We constantly develop our talent network and referral channels, giving us the edge over other recruiters whose resources are limited to internal databases and third party sites.

True Service Innovation

Thanks to our diversity, we can offer you a service tailored to your specific needs, whether that’s advertising & brand building across our websites, traditional contingency search or a fully outsourced talent acquisition function while you scale up your operation.

So, if you are working with recruiters who are still hung up on database building, maybe it’s time for a change. If you want the best, you believe in relationship building, innovation and most importantly, results, you’re in the right place.

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