When it comes to making a career move, the end destination is important. But we believe the journey is important too.

Working with a talent agent who understands your motives as well as your skills & experience makes all the difference.

Nifty databases have helped de-humanise the recruitment process and intense competition between agents to introduce candidates before their rivals often leads to sloppy representation, with recruiters cutting corners to win the race.

We’ve been in these bun-fights and realised something needed to change.

These days, we don’t spend our time ‘database building’ and fighting over candidates that are registered with multiple recruiters. Instead, we focus on relationship building with the top 5-10% of talent in the games industry, globally. This requires a different approach.

We manage careers for the truly talented and in the vast majority of cases, you won’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

But if you are one of those special individuals, a rare talent that has consistently achieved at the highest level in your career, then please get in touch - you are unique and so are we.

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