3 Popular Myths

Recruiting for 1 to 5 vacancies?

Recognise these myths and you’ll save yourself time, money and hassle!

Myth #1: Giving a job to multiple recruiters means they will all work harder to provide you with a better service

The Truth

Agents work hardest for the clients that work with them exclusively and save their best candidates for those clients.
Instead of getting a better service, you will be pestered by half a dozen recruiters with emails, phone calls and questions that you scarcely have time to respond to. You’ll forget who’s who and before you know it you’ll be pulling your hair out…..when you are not sifting through a pile of average CVs of course. Sound familiar?

Myth #2: Giving a job to multiple recruiters means you will get a much broader selection of candidates

The Truth

You will get more of the same candidates! This is a relatively small niche in the recruitment industry. Most ‘active’ candidates are available in the public domain on Linkedin and Social Networks. Most established games recruiters have access to the same candidates. And they’ll be in such a rush to send them over to you before someone else does that they may well cut corners. Then you’ll have to deal with quarrels over representation - who sent the candidate first, who spoke to the candidate first and all the rest of the shenanigans.

Myth #3: Giving a job to multiple recruiters means you’ll get a better deal as they compete to undercut one another

The Truth

An exclusive assignment is much more valuable to any recruiter than a contingency assignment being worked by several agencies because the success rate is very high. Hence you can negotiate lower rates on exclusive jobs.

Working with multiple recruiters will also cost you much more of your most precious commodity – time! No need to explain the job 6 times, answer the same questions 6 times and receive the same CVs. You get the idea.

Let's put these myths to bed!

If you want excellent service and the best possible results, build a relationship with one or two exceptional recruiters and your recruitment process will be transformed. 

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