Working with Your Agent

The hiring process works when your candidates are kept informed throughout the recruitment process.

Good Information Flow = Positive Engagement in the Process

Our end of the bargain 

  • All candidates we introduce to you will have been thoroughly briefed on the role, your company, your requirements and all other relevant factors
  • All candidates will be submitted with comprehensive covering information relating to salary, benefits, current situation and all factors impacting on the recruitment process (such as other interviews, potential counter offers etc.) 
  • All interview arrangements will be confirmed in writing and verbally and feedback will be sought and exchanged promptly
  • The offer process will be handled professionally and with due consideration to the needs of both parties
  • We will always respond to your calls and emails promptly and be available outside normal office hours when required

NB. If you spot areas in which we can improve - tell us!  We want your feedback and will act on it. 

Your end of the bargain


  • Provide detailed and clear feedback on CVs and interviews
  • Provide detailed information regarding the job, the company, the project, the remuneration and benefits
  • Read and fully take into account all covering information provided by your agent, especially relating to salary expectations
  • Produce offers promptly and in line with candidate expectations  
  • Keep us informed of any changes in the role, delays in the recruitment process etc. so we can communicate them to your shortlist
  • Return calls and respond to emails promptly - this is crucial to keeping the process moving 

The hiring process fails when candidates...

  • Have to wait too long for feedback 
  • Have to wait too long for formal offers to be produced
  • Receive offers that are well below their expectations
  • Are not provided with sufficient information about the job/project 
  • Are provided with inaccurate information about the job/project 

A huge amount of time and effort is invested in the recruitment process by all parties involved. To maximise the chances of success we have to avoid the common pitfalls by working as a team.

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